Whippet & Lurcher Collars

Our hound collars (for whippets, lurchers, greyhounds etc) are unique to us and cannot be found elsewhere. They are all designed and hand-made by the most skilled bead-workers in Kenya. 

From the Maasai, Samburu, Borana and Rendille tribes, the women beaders use skills that have been passed down and honed for over 200 years. We are extremely proud of their meticulous attention to detail and high quality finish. 

The collars are made on wider leather, designed especially for sight hounds. This is hand-stitched with glass beads. We only ever use glass - never plastic - as it leads to sharper designs, better lines and colours that don't fade. 

All collars are tough and hard-wearing. They have five holes, one leather hold-strap and a brass buckle with tiny brass tag. 

As our collars are made by individuals, not factories, the sizing can differ by a couple of mm in either direction. There can also be slight variations in pattern on occasion - each of our beaders has their own particular style! 

Why a Special Collar?

Our hound collars are designed especially for breeds such as greyhounds, whippets, lurchers and other long-necked breeds. Collars are wider, because if a hound sees a fast moving object they can lunge suddenly on their lead which may hurt their neck. A wider collar, with the wide part worn under the neck, tends to give the hound more support and protection.