About Us

The Artisan Tree is a small, lively business based in West Berks in the UK. We work closely with our partners in Kenya & Zambia creating and bringing beautiful hand-made products to market. 

Key to our business is allowing artisans to work either at or close to home in a small sociable group.  Craftsmen and women can work flexibly, and alongside other commitments they have.  We don’t use factories and wages are commensurate with the highly skilled work the craftsmen do. 

Joyce Lekiluai, Star Beader & her youngest son Delvin

The work provides a reliable income stream which is welcomed as rainfall is unpredictable these days and farming can be fragile. It enables parents to improve their family’s lives and use skills that have been passed down for generations. Furthermore, it means women don’t have to resort to charcoal production which can lead to deforestation and adversely affect the wildlife that naturally occurs in rural areas.   

By purchasing one of our pieces you are not only buying a beautiful dog collar, bow tie, lead or blanket. You have helped our growing business and piece by piece, helped us to secure a more sustainable future for many Kenyans & Zambians in remote rural areas.

 Jackline beading our first ever Ndera collar