Frequently Asked Questions

I ordered my dog collar / bowtie but it is a bit big / small for my dog. Can I exchange it?

We are a customer focused company so always try and do our best to ensure every dog and owner are satisfied.

We are happy to exchange any dog collars & bow ties or bandanas within reason. If you return it to us by post, unworn with the tag still on then we will happily exchange it for you. We ask that returns are sent back to us the same week if possible.

Please note we can’t refund postage for the return of the items.


Where do I send my return to?

Please email and we will email you right back with the office postal address. 


Where is my dog collar or bow-tie?

We are a small bespoke company, not a big warehouse serviced by a factory. Therefore, if we’ve had a big sales run we sometimes run out of a certain collar, bow tie or lead in a certain size. If this happens we can either offer you an immediate refund or send you one when our stock is replenished. 

It usually takes around a maximum of 6 weeks to replenish stock. This is because everything is hand-made, a lot of the villages where the items are made are very remote and shipping from Eastern & Southern Africa takes up to two weeks. 


Where is my blanket?

Whilst blanket production is faster, shipping is not! Blankets are shipped to us by sea, from Mombasa to the UK via Antwerp and the Middle East. This rather long and scenic boat trip is supposed to take 6 weeks but can often take up to 3 months. We track our blankets on the high seas and always endeavour to give accurate arrival times. Any questions about your blankets arrival please just email Heather at 



Ann Mureyien beading our Borana and Katilu collars