Hound Collar Sizing

Why a Hound Collar?

Hound collars are designed especially for breeds such as whippets,  greyhounds and other long necked breeds. Collars are wider, because if a hound sees a fast moving object they can lunge suddenly on their lead which may hurt their neck. A wider collar, with the wide part worn under the neck, tends to give the hound more support and protection at the neck. This can only be a good thing when squirrels, pheasants or even the neighbour’s cat is sauntering around...

 Sizing my hound

It can be confusing deciding what collar size your hound needs, not helped by the fact that every manufacturer measures collars differently. You can guestimate the collar size, however, if you want to get the really right fit than there’s no way round it – its dog measuring time!

So, arm yourself with some dog treats and a soft tape measure (or piece of string and a ruler if no measure available) and off you go.

  1. Try and get your dog to stand still.
  2. Measure the length around your dog’s neck at the point where the collar usually sits.
  3. Do not throttle the dog or equally hang the tape measure so loosely that it hangs down. Make a measure that is a sensible fit – secure but with a cm or two for flex.
  4. Refer to our size guide below.

     Size Guide - INCHES


    Size Bar to middle hole To fit neck size: Example breed
    Small  13 inches 11.5 - 15  inches Whippet
    Medium 16 inches 14.5 - 17.5 inches Greyhound
    Large 18.5 inches 17 - 20  inches Deerhound


    Bear in mind that all our collars come with five holes it is hard to go too far wrong.

    However, if you have a measuring melt down please do call us on 07980 018 302 and we’ll help you through it.

    We are happy to exchange collars that are unworn and have the tags still on but we can't refund the cost of postage. Please always measure your dog before ordering.