The Dog Catwalk

This is where your dogs get to walk the catwalk. 

Send us pictures of your dogs wearing their collars and getting up to what they get up to best. Be that prancing down the Kings Road or rifling through the dustbins. All are welcome.

As owners of not-quite-ready-for-Crufts-yet dogs, we really enjoy the badly behaved ones.... 


Here is lovely Lupin, taking a rare break from sniffing out pheasants. And looking, frankly, smashing in her Katilu Collar. Ever thought of being a dog model Lupin? 


Here is Clemmie looking ruffled and thoughtful on Salisbury Plain. Working those angles Clemmie, and looking superbly fab in the process!

Frank & Otis

 I mean, could they BE any cuter? And WHAT smart collars (if I do say so myself). Frank & Otis - you are legends. 



Here is Boris, doing his best windswept look on the beach. Lets hope that fur isn't too full of sand and salt for your owners Boris....

Reg & Cid

Here are Reg & Cid looking absolutely ADORABLE in their Kalama leads. They match their collars but lots of fur at the moment to keep them warm! 


Here is Darwin, doing a beautiful job of showing off not only his Ngwesi collar but his matching lead as well. What a good boy Darwin, now there's a dog of the month if ever I saw one.... 



Here is Hunter, a beautiful Rhodesian ridgeback in a collar we had custom made for him. He's a big strong dog with a big neck! We think he looks very handsome in it. Surely a contender for Dog of the Month.... 


Olive managed to WIN her collar in a raffle for the greatest rowing club on the river - Thames Scullers. Not that she could really give a monkeys, chewing a stick is far more interesting.... 

Skadi & Freja

Here are Skadi and Freja, two lovely rescue dogs chilling out with their new Karin collars.  


Here is beautiful rescue dog Minnie. Minnie seems to be having a lovely life now, soft fluffy cushion to sit on, toys to play with, telly within reach. Oh yes, and of course, a smart new collar. 


Here is Pip, looking shyly away from the camera. Or possibly thinking, God this is boring, can't she put the camera down and take me out for a walk. The artful turn of her head though shows off her new FREE collar beautifully though. Thankfully her sister Coco won it for her by winning Dog of the Month. BARGAIN!


Here is Coco, sitting on the garden table and sporting the 'artfully tousled' look with her hair. Or it could be 'dragged through a hedge backwards', hard to tell. Either way, she looks great in her new Bulesa collar. 


This is two year old Maia looking positively angelic in her collar. Coat brushed, sitting nicely, I'm sure this dog would NEVER misbehave. Or would she.....? Though she may look like butter wouldn't melt, she does have a naughty side....


I mean, what is this dog DOING?? Its crossing its arms! Brilliant! LOVE IT. Lottie is a Bichonpoo, but honestly, we don't care what breed she is. She's just HILIARIOUS! 


And here is Lottie's friend, Josie. Lottie liked her collar so much she got her friend to buy one as well. And now they're competing against each other for March dog of the month. ARGGHH. Will they survive the fallout if one wins but not the other??

Sally's dogs

Here are three dogs, all owned by one of our lovely clients Sally. We're not sure of their names (yet) but we have been reliably told that they 'drag their collars everywhere - into the sea, rivers & mud'. Now that's what we like - a bit of rigorous product testing!


Otto & Sanca

Here are Otto and his son Sanca rocking their Borana & Biliqo collars. Sanca is half miniature-schnauzer (Dad Otto) and half Jack Russel (Mum). This dog breed is therefore called a Schnack. Now that's a good name for a dog breed. 


Treacle is looking about impressed with the weather as I'm feeling at the moment. AND its going to sleet next week. ARGHHH. When is Spring arriving?? 


Here is Arthur looking beautifully into the camera. Not. Rather he's admiring the toys he left lying around for somebody else to pick up. Nice collar though, goes well with his lovely fluffy fur. 


I'm not sure what I love most about this picture, the fact that Albus has been plopped on the kitchen table for his photo shoot, his lovely comedy face or the fact that he's hiding a bunch of bananas. Either way, its a classic picture and we think he looks fantastic.  


Kudu. What a stunner. Need we say more. 


Here is Miley out on her walk in her new collar. Miley has been stick collecting. You can only see a fraction of it here but it is at least 3ft long. Why collect a small stick when you can grab a really large one anyway?


It took Twix a couple of goes to get the right size collar but we got there in the end. Twix is only 9 months old, but looks pretty angelic here. Although being a Labrador she's probably straight off to the fridge once she's stopped posing...  


When Betty is awake she never stops. Thankfully she had a quick kip in her bed which allowed her parents to take this picture. The thing is, there are just SO many things a dog has to do these days. 

Harvey & Archie


You can actually see Harvey (behind) thinking, God Archie (in front) is a MASSIVE poser. I mean, could he actually love the camera more? That said, they both look beautiful. And well behaved to be honest. Although its entirely possible their owner was waving sausages to get this picture. 


Here is Willa after she's been to the groomers. Before, she was looking a little shaggier.... Now she's looking beautiful, smart and ready to enter December Dog of the Month.



Yeah, nice collar blah blah blah. Totally best thing about this picture is Hagrid's EARS!! If he was any more aerodynamic he might actually take off from the top of Streatley Hill, cruise at an altitude of 200 feet above the High Street before touching down in front of the butchers.   


Poor little Cleo had a rubbish time for a number of years as a breeding dog at a puppy farm. However, a few months ago her fortunes changed when she was rescued by the fantastic Diana Brindlecombe Animal Rescue Centre. After been fed, watered, treated and adored by ALL the staff there she has just found her new home where she is now bombarded with love. Cleo also now has an acre of garden to explore, a house with stairs (she loves going up and down just for the hell of it) and of course - a very smart collar. Rescues are just the best aren't they? 


Alba lives in a family with a lively toddler and a 3 month old. She's 6 months old herself so not really much work on that Mum's plate.... ARGHHHH. We take our hat off to her Mum who a) managed to get the collar on the dog b) take her out for a walk c) take a picture and d) send it in to us. Frankly, we're bloody impressed and she should be awarded a medal. Oh, and we think the collar looks great. (obvs.)


Nellie has not yet been to finishing school and learnt how to pose perfectly. But, that said, she does have one leg forward and frankly, she couldn't be showing off the product better which is what modelling is all about. Either way, we totally love this pic, she looks like a total character and is clearly one happy dog! 



Moose is feeling very proud because he's just received an owl from Hogwarts telling him he's joining in September 2023. Moose will shortly be going up to Diagon Alley to get the rest of his uniform, his Nimbus 2000 and the Standard Book of Spells Grade 1. We look forward to seeing what wand chooses you (and please don't chew it, they don't come cheap). 


Lula is on a walk with his owner's niece Addie. Lula looks not too wet. Which is different from poor Addie who looks like she's basically been soaked - but is still smiling - good work Addie. Who doesn't love a really wet soggy autumn dogwalk...

 Jack (not a dog. But most welcome anyway on our catwalk). 

Jack is a very lucky pony because he's owned by the fantastic Polly. Polly feeds him, mucks him out, rides him, clips him and basically meets his every need. Jack is especially important as he is our latest horse model. Pretty handsome don't you think?


Here is Remi, looking absolutely STUNNING in the wheat field. Remi is the sister of Echo (see below) and competing against him for October Dog of the Month. ARGHHH! How on earth will we chose between these two stunners?!  


Here is Echo, a beautiful Rhodesian ridgeback, sporting his Melako collar. He's entering Dog of the Month for October. With looks like these (plus he's on the floor, not the sofa) we fancy his chances.... 



Here is handsome Monty looking frankly, like he is Crufts-ready. When he's not looking thoughtfully into the distance he's mostly looking for tennis balls. That, and hanging out with his best friend Frank (a mini dachshund with a matching collar) and Dolly, a blind whippet. Monty, you are our kind of dog.  


Here is Juno, now in her grown up collar (we lent her the two smaller sizes in our puppy-loaning-collar scheme). Juno is now showing up literally all the other dogs on Dulwich Heath as she looks so utterly fabulous. She's our London Brand Ambassador. Thanking you kindly Juno for looking so smashing. 


Here is Charley demonstrating how to roll in fox poo and get it embedded in your collar. This is not the first, or second, or even third time he's done it this week but the fourth!!! ARGHHHH. Luckily his collar washes very well. Although you've got to pity his poor owners....


Loki is relaxing on the sofa feeling chuffed with himself as lots of other dogs on his walk admired his new collar. And rightly so as he's pretty handsome. We've been reliably informed that beadwork is very on-trend for summer 2022. (As are jeans that stop half way down your calf and look like the dog chewed them).  


This is Toby, out on a walk in his smart Sera Collar. Toby, this collar looks too shiny and new, now go and find some fox-poo to roll in....


Juno is only 12 weeks old and doesn't like sitting still or looking at the camera. On the plus side she's now sleeping in her crate (as opposed to howling every two hours) and keeping her lovely family of three boys & two exhausted parents very busy.... 


Here is Ziggy, looking like a dog model on his nice fur rug. When he's not posing on the sofa he's busy walking the hills and valleys of Northumberland. Though his legs may be short, his dog walks are long. Keep up the good work Ziggy!


Here is handsome Rafiki, relaxing on the sofa with his warthog. His lovely owner thinks he looks like a little 'bokkie' - a wee springbok, and we agree. We bet he can run like one also when he chooses to.... 

Archie & Lucy

Archie & Lucy are relaxing at home in Rochester Hills, Michigan. Its hard work being a Labrador at Christmas as there are just so many things you could stick your nose into... 

Toby & Richard

Here are Toby (dog) and Richard (homo sapiens), admiring the beautiful fire Toby made. Toby is good at collecting sticks, arranging them in a pyramid with the scrunched up paper underneath, lighting the tinder and carefully blowing with the bellows. This is useful as his owner Richard isn't old enough to play with matches just yet. 


This is Jennie. Jennie has lovely fluffy ears and is busy looking out of the window. Who needs a new series on Netflix when there are squirrels to watch? 


This is Rosie. Rosie is the most beautiful Jack Russel. She was re-homed by a lovely family many years ago and has the happiest life hopping and running to and from the VERY nice grocer in the village. Fresh doughnut anyone....? 


Here is Toby wearing his new collar he won for Dog of the Month. We think he's rocking quite a 70's hairstyle as well. Is that a side flick we see on the top of your head Tobes? 


Milo likes to sleep in the most convenient place in the house, right in front of the cooker. You just never know when a bit of chicken or stray sprout might be dropped and its always best to be ready to hoover it up.... 


This is Moose. Moose couldn't decide which collar to choose. So he did a massive trying on session and tried 10! He ended up choosing the Loisaba, and may we say, he looks VERY handsome in it. It even matches the Goring Robins football socks that his owner Anna is wearing.... nice co-ordination. 


Pippin recently had five puppies. So, for being a brilliant Mum she was given a new collar. Pippin likes her new collar, but not as much as she likes sprats as snacks, and squirrels (not as snacks, just as something to chase). 

Alfie & Jasper

Jasper, one of our most important dog models (see front page of website) has a little baby brother, Alfie. Alfie's extra-small but with big paws. And you know what that means....  



Banff is sitting on the sofa, shedding. When Banff isn't sitting on the sofa (illegally), he's thinking about eating rotting plums that fall off the plum tree. Or perhaps, for a change, he'll go and check out the dustbins. Choices, choices... 

Louis & Ella


Here are Louis & Ella, who have learnt that their best side is their left. Or it could be that their owner Joe has just put the sausages on the barbeque? I wonder how many sausages two Great Danes can eat in one sitting?  


Philippa is a homo sapiens, (not a canis lupus familiaris) as we can all clearly see. However, Philippa is out on a dog walk sporting her new whistle lanyard, or as her husband refers to it, 'I don't have to wear that awful dangle-berry do I that the dog whistles are now on?'. We think it looks great Philippa. And very useful for putting your THREE dog whistles on! Plus, we're loving the Springtime smile. Cheered us right up!  



Bella is a standard poodle who lives in Toronto, Canada. She's under a year old but look how well she sits (on the sofa) and gives a paw (if its physically propped up). Have you finished growing Bella? If not, you're going to need a bigger sofa.... 



This is Orla. Orla is a two month old flat coated retriever. Doesn't she look sweet when she's asleep? Please keep on sleeping Orla as you're knackering when you are awake... 



Here is Sproggles looking smashing in his collar. Sproggles feels he needs his eyebrows tidying up. The problem is, the Turkish Barbers is STILL closed. You'll just need to work that look for a bit longer Sproggy. 



Here is Dorris, a wire-haired dachshund puppy. She's having a (socially distanced covid-friendly) trying on session with Kirsty. But which collar to choose? Its hard to pick out your favorite when you look so unbelievably cute in all the options! 



This is Kiko. Kiko is growing fast. So far she's grown out of her puppy collar and fast outgrowing her small collar. She's also tried her best to destroy her lead but they are tougher than they look!


Here is regal looking Samburu in his beautiful garden. Squirrels beware..... he looks like he could sprint like Usain Bolt given half the chance...

Mr Whippy

This is Mr Whippy. He's relaxing. We're not sure if he gave his consent for this photo as its possibly not showing his best side. But we think he looks like a very happy relaxed dog. And who cares if your stomach is hanging out? It happens to the best of us.... 



This is Comet. Comet is planning to go and get VERY muddy this month to see if he can win February dog of the Mudth. Good luck to Comet's owner's carpets...! 


Beautiful Chloe is taking a nap. Playing in the snow whilst also being so fashionable is exhausting. 



This is Snowdrop. Snowdrop belongs to Tom (aged 6). Tom wants a dog but doesn't have one yet. Snowdrop hasn't yet learnt to walk properly on the lead. Nice lead though!


This is Chester, out on his walk getting as muddy as possible for dog of the Mudth. Nice muddy paws Chester. I hope you know how to wipe your feet politely before entering the house. 


This is Storm. Doesn't she look beautiful in her collar? We think this could be a pulling collar for Storm. Not pulling as in on the lead as we suspect she's far too well behaved for that. But pulling all those handsome dogs out there... The village is awash Storm so you go and get them! 


This is Coco. She has lockdown hair. She was going to watch that programme on telly about dog groomers but then again, would she really trust her owner with the kitchen scissors anyway? 


This is Chile. Chile is owned by the lovely Jane & Moray, an important Granny & Grandad to LOTS of kids. Keep up the good work and make sure all those kids are watching plenty of telly to give their parents a break! 



This is Sproggles. Sproggles has recently learnt that all three of the children he belongs to will be home-schooling for a LOONNGGG time. Sproggles had to have a lie down. Living in Scotland, Sproggles thinks he might need a stiff whisky tonight. 



This is Buttercup. She is not a dog.

Her owner Anna has had the bright idea of using one of our long leads as a leading rein - Go Anna! Its chucking in Scotland at the moment but it will take more than a bit of water down the neck to to stop Anna or Buttercup getting out and about.  



This is Boris. Boris was happily re-homed to the Dukes family in July. Lucky Boris got a muddy ditch at the bottom of his garden and two brilliant boys to play with - Toby and Elliot. Lets see how muddy they can all get...



This is Ella. Ella likes running which is lucky because she lives with a lovely sporty family in the middle of the countryside. We hope she is a good distraction to home schooling! 


Kuki. The Robert Redford of dogs. Kuki likes playing, cuddles and food. He dislikes being left alone. With looks like these who could blame him? 



 Tula means quiet in Zulu and its apt as she has a lovely calm nature. She's a much loved family dog who will do anything for food.  


This is naughty Nolton. Nolton likes to wear his collar when he's breaking and entering....other people's chicken coops. Be warned, he can clear a 6ft fence.   


This is much loved Millie. Millie likes to sleep right in-front of the cooker. Not that helpful if you're trying to cook but she offers a free clean-up service. 


And last, but by no means least, Dotty (winner of December Dog of the Month). Dotty is a general nutcase and loves to hide things in her bed. She has expensive tastes, air-pods for one...