Maasai Fleece Blankets (mini)

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These mini Maasai blankets are 1m x 1.5m in size. This smaller size is useful as you can easily put one in a basket or rucksack - ideal for garden drinks, a day at the beach or watching chilly sports matches. 

We've found them useful to line the boot of a car, put over a dog crate or in a dog  basket for your dog (or to protect the sofa if your dogs likes to lie there). Kids love to snuggle up under them on the sofa.  They are useful in the garden, over a bench, or on knees to keep you warm in the evening.  

Blankets come in six different colour designs  & are machine washable on a cool wash. 

Blankets are currently on the way from Kenya (by sea freight) and are expected by the end of May. 

If you would like a blanket please feel free to buy one and it will be shipped to you on arrival.