The Leparua Collar

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The Leparua Collar combines a series of tangerines & coppers, reflecting the soft colours that cross the sky just before dawn.

The collar is made with Kenyan leather which is both strong and durable. Only authentic glass beads are used which leads to sharper design and colours that don’t fade. They are handstitched on by our skilled artisans.

The collar has five adjustable holes, a brass buckle and matching brass tag.

As with all our collars, it comes in 5 sizes – XS, S, M, L and & XL. To choose the correct size for your dog we recommend you measure your dog and refer to our detailed sizing page.

For ease, we've included this rough size guide - 

If my dogs neck is this size then I need this collar Example breed
From 9 - 11.5 inches Extra Small Chihuahua, Dachshund
From 11.5 - 14  inches Small  Jack Russell, Small Terrier
From 14.5 - 17 inches Medium Cockapoo, Springer
From 18 - 20.5  inches Large Labrador, Retriever
From 21 - 23.5  inches Extra Large Great Dane